Clay and Loren Beason are hands-down the very best “travel agents” and “guides” you could ever have! My husband and I traveled to Rome & Florence, Italy, and to Athens, Corinth, Porto Rafti, and Santorini, Greece, last year. Every detail of our travel to and from the US was meticulously arranged by Clay with the best possible prices and logistics. He and Loren planned excellent lodging, shops, and restaurants for us at every stop along the way! As tour guides, the Beasons can’t be beat- they have extensive knowledge of the area, the customs, and the people from their 4 years of living there! Clay brings the Bible to LIFE as he opens his Bible and reads and explains Paul’s accounts and writings at each historic site. He and Loren are both so knowledgeable and are great communicators of God’s Word! They also always have a plan “B” if the plans need to be rearranged...no time is wasted! You will experience a “sensory explosion” that you will never forget as you travel with the Beasons!



It was my distinct privilege to work as the Beasons' assistant during their 4-year tenure as the directors of Harding University's international program in Greece. We traveled together extensively around the Mediterranean leading groups of college students (Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Cyprus, Malta and more), and we traveled together for leisure in western Europe during periods of furlough. In both settings, I was blessed to observe the Beasons' top leadership capabilities, their meticulous attention to detail in travel planning and their gift for maximizing the experience of the group while catering to the unique needs of individuals in the group. Dr. Beason is also a dedicated student of the scholarship surrounding the life and teachings of Paul the Apostle. 



I traveled in Greece and Italy in 2018 and then to France, Germany, and Austria in 2019 with Clay and Loren.  I have never had such a good time and, as well, had everything in order and ready upon my arrival.  Hotels, meals, entrance fees for sites to see, timing of events and most of all the background information of each historical site that we saw being explained from a history perspective as well as a Biblical perspective.  My reading and studying of the Bible went from “Black and White” pictures in my mind to “Full Color.”  A complete experience that my wife and I will never forget!!

Allen & Laurie


I was extremely impressed with the organizational talents of Clay and Loren. They do an outstanding job. There is not time or room to write all the positives that I would have to say about them. They communicate well, are well organized, and are gracious hosts.

Ron & Lesley


They did an excellent job of communicating to the group before we left the USA and then throughout our time  in Greece.  Dr. and Mrs. Beason were amazing with this program. They truly are a team and compliment each other in all aspects. We were so impressed with their leadership, personal skills, enthusiasm, spirituality, and knowledge of the content and culture. We are very thankful that both of our children were able to study abroad with them. 

Dana & Mandy


I normally do not mark the most positive option to all survey questions. To do anything else in this case would be inaccurate. Clay and Loren Beason provided the most positive atmosphere in all possible ways.