about us

Our Background

We lived in Europe for 4 years, teaching classes and immersing ourselves in different cultures, and are well-versed in the fun and rigors of European travel. While my family lived in Greece, we explored this ancient land extensively, as we ourselves learned about and grew to appreciate in particular the Mediterranean culture that we called home. We hosted numerous educational groups with participants from ages 1 to 80, leading hundreds of people in 10 different countries while also visiting 34 countries and principalities.

Come with us. Just get on the plane! We'll handle the rest.

Our Mission

Providing affordable packages and meaningful experiences that will impact your life is our focus. We want to share our life-changing experiences with others. Our goal is to provide group tours that open participants' world view and focus on the importance of learning onsite about this world in which we inhabit. We want to offer tours that are the least expensive and the most impacting for each individual interested in learning about our world. Travel changed us and we want to help make travel a reality for as many people as possible. 

Our Philosophy

Each individual is an important part of life, and the people living on earth operate in different ways that make up harmony and sometimes discord. Understanding the history of different places, how the world functions in the present day, and our role on earth while considering the future we will impact for each other and generations beyond is eye-opening, daunting, empowering, and invigorating - all at once. Through travel, if we all take part in consciously thinking about our past and present, we will be inspired to impact our future.